Thabavutha Waste Management was established out of the need to allow Historically Disadvantaged Individual's(HDI's) to participate in the professional waste management sector. We are motivated and driven by initiatives to empower HDI's in our business through employee active involvement in waste management and development of individuals.


Thabavutha Waste Management is managed and controlled independently and offers peace of mind to all its clients through the use of professional staff, support systems and technology in the construction sector. This allows for the sustainability of the fine balance between environmental impact, human interaction and waste management technology.




We strive towards being known as the most reliable and cost-effective co-operative, meeting the needs and requirements of all of our clients through excellent services and products that exceed expectation in quality and efficiency.




Thabavitha Waste Management seeks to develop, build and service South Africa's requirements for better living, working and traveling conditions in order to improve the quality of life for all.




  • residential waste collection and transportation
  • sanitary landfill management
  • medical waste services
  • recycling
  • cleaning of illegally dumped refuse
  • litter disposal


We also host clean up campaigns through community involvement projects and environmental management services.